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A feast for the eyes


Mitchell Fine Art, Brisbane

A section of an artwork.

A solo exhibition of watercolour paintings of fish, sea creatures and their accompanyments.

Having always lived by the sea and been nourished by it, it was perfectly sensible of me to paint the creatures on my plate. This exhibition comprised paintings solely of watercolour on paper or vellum, a surface particularly suited to watercolour. Most of the fishes and shellfish were sourced at local fish markets. One, the boxfish, I found washed up on the beach after a storm.  The periwinkle was from the same beach. The plates were from my own collection. The glass belonged to my dear aged friend Alissa who had recently passed away. We shared many oysters with white wine anytime of the day.

All edible subjects did not die in vain. They were delicious.

Mitchell Fine Art, Brisbane

86 Arthur Street,

Fortitude Valley QLD

View catalogue here.

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